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Transportation School Re-Entry Update 2020-2021

August 28, 2020
To: Parents & Guardians
From: Ellen English – Transportation Coordinator
Re: Transportation School Re-Entry Update 2020-2021

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome the students back to school for the School Year 2020-2021. This year the school buses will be operating a little different than normal, one of the main concepts will be keeping both students and bus drivers safe. All Piikani Schools will be operating at Scenario 2; one week in school learning and one week at home learning. Bus students have been split up into Cohort A and Cohort B. See below for cohorts first day of school. It is mandatory mask use for students in grades K5-12 when boarding/riding the school bus.

All bus units will have mandatory seating plans for the students, in which they will be grouped/partnered with their siblings and seated together. All students will board the school bus with their masks on, go directly to their assigned seat and must remain in that seat until they arrive to the school. Backpacks will NOT be allowed on the bus due to health and safety measures- lunches and snacks will be provided and distributed at school, along with homework and supplies. Zero tolerance for non-compliance to school bus rules and regulations.

All buses will be sanitized daily (after school drop off and home drop off), this is to ensure the safety for the students and the bus driver. If your child has flu like symptoms such as a cough, runny nose, or high fever, you’re required to keep them home. Once your child is feeling better with no flu like symptoms they may return to school, keep in mind that the drivers will refuse students that appear to be sick. For further information, please visit our website at www.piikani.ca.

First day of School for Piikani Schools are:

  • Napi’s Playground Elementary School:
    • Cohort A- Tuesday, September 8th
    • Cohort B- Monday, September 14th
  • Piikani Nation Secondary School:
    • Cohort A- Tuesday, September 8th
    • Cohort B- Monday, September 14th

I’m hoping to see the fun side of facing these challenges, rather than focusing on the negative aspect. During these trying times, with daily focus on these procedures we will eventually overcome this pandemic.

Download pdf (497 kb)