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As a Bus Driver for the Peigan Board of Education you have been hired to perform the duties entrusted
to you as a Professional Bus Driver.


    • Transporting the students to and from school safely.
    • Maintaining discipline and order on the bus with the students.
    • Developing a seating plan, explain it to the students, implement and post it.
    • Ensure students stay in their assigned seats.
    • Ensure students understand that they are responsible for any damage to their seat.
    • Ensuring students and parents are aware of the rules and responsibilities as riders.
    • Treat every student with respect, equality and understanding.
    • Willing to practice patience both with students and parents.
    • Developing a positive relationship with students and parents.
    • Come to know each students name and greet them in a personable and friendly manner.
    • Maintain a businesslike yet friendly relationship with all students.
    • Make note of any behavioral or disciplinary problems; if needed, complete incident report form and
      provide to Coordinator.
    • Each driver is given a route with estimated distance and registered passengers. No extra wage
      will be incurred with the addition/deletion of students and/or change in route.
    • Encourage students to keep voices down thereby keeping noise level down.
    • Set up the pick up times and stick to the schedule, ensure that students and parents know the
      schedule and where their pick up and drop off point will be.
    • Students who are not registered passengers: Do not allow extra students on the bus if they have no
      confirmed note or you have not received a message from the Coordinator. If this is in question, the
      Coordinator will make contact with Parent/Guardian and give direction to driver.


    • Operate the school bus in a safe and efficient way according to all relevant legislation, policies and
    • Perform daily and weekly inspections logs and verify once a month.
    • Perform minor maintenance duties such as; change light bulb, headlight, check fluid levels, and
      other tasks that can be done by the driver.
    • Keep the bus clean every day – inside and outside.
    • Keep aisles free of any bus supplies, such as oil, windshield wash, brooms, mops etc.
    • Never at anytime allow the bus to idle whether it is at the school or at the Board Office – NO
    • Ensure that the bus is” parked out” at driver’s residence in a safe, secure environment.
    • Report to the Transportation Coordinator when a maintenance issue occurs and needs mechanical
    • Take the bus to a mechanic, after it has been approved by the Transportation Coordinator, whether
      it is Kooiker Mechanical, Larson Tire, or Fort Macleod Glass.
    • Operate the bus in a manner that will not do damage to it, such as driving too fast over rough roads
    • Always ensure that the fuel level does not go below a quarter. In winter months keep the fuel level
      over half.
    • Respect at all times the vehicle that belongs to The Peigan Board of Education.


  • Record Keeping – taking daily attendance, keeping record of fuel, keeping the daily, weekly and
    hourly books up to date, filling out incident reports when required. Handing in updated bus lists.
  • Observant of all Traffic Laws; such as staying well within the speed limit for a school bus in an urban
    and rural area, wearing seat belt at all times, obeying all the rules and signs of the road. Any traffic
    violation the driver is served with is the sole responsibility of the driver
  • Using defensive driving skills at all times. You the driver must have good skills, knowledge, habits,
    attitudes, judgment, physical and mental conditions. It is important that you the driver remain alert.
    Be able to recognize impending hazards before they become a problem for you.
  • Use of Cell Phones – The driver, at NO TIME while operating the bus, will use a cell phone to call or
    text. Your attention must remain on your driving and you must be alert. If a need arises that you
    need to use a cell phone, the driver will pull off the road, where it is safe, secure the bus and use the
    cell phone.
  • Field Trips/Additional Trips – When requested by the Transportation Coordinator a driver may be
    requested to take a group on a field trip. This will be pre-arranged and you will be notified. While
    on the field trip the driver must keep in mind that the Teacher(s) and the class are paying for the trip
    and we work for them. You the driver will follow their instructions (within reason) and the schedule
    for the trip is based upon their itinerary (not the driver’s).
  • Two Way Radios – Our most important communication tool. This is only for sending/receiving
    messages. No personal chatter is to be heard. Drivers should use clear, concise voices when on the
    radio. Always check when first getting into the bus to see that the radio is on and on the right
    channel. No rude, offensive language is to be used on the radio. Be polite at all times
  •  End of A.M. and P.M. Run – All drivers must stop and take the bus out of gear and shut down the
    bus properly. Once child check mate is activated the driver shall walk to the back of the bus doing a
    complete check, deactivate the alarm and then radio the Base and confirm bus number is checked
    and complete and then proceed home.
  • Meetings – Whether a staff meeting and/or school meeting is scheduled the Driver must attend.
    The date, time and place will be announced.
  • Team Work – All drivers whether P.B.O.E. or Contractors are encouraged to work together, help
    each other out, and most importantly keep the Goals and Objectives in mind for The Peigan Board of
  • Personal Use of Buses – Under no circumstance is the bus to be used for personal use. Any use of
    the bus other than on your designated run or taking the bus for cleaning will have to be approved by
    the Transportation Coordinator.
  •  Passengers on Bus – only registered riders will be on the bus during the regular a.m. or p.m. run. If
    you have a preschoolers please let the Transportation Coordinator know who will be on the bus. No
    Adult rider will be on the bus during a regular run.
  • Smoking – At no time will there be any smoking in the Bus, whether there are kids on or not.
    Smoking is prohibited on the Bus and on the school grounds.
  • Paper work required – Drivers are required to submit Criminal Record Check, Child Welfare Check,
    Commercial Driver’s Abstract ( Once/3yr), Photo copy of Driver’s License and First Aid Certificate.
  • Requirement – Drivers are required to sign their contract yearly, sign the Oath of Confidentiality,
    and are made aware of the Drug and Alcohol policy. All drivers are subjected to random drug and
    alcohol testing. If the Transportation Coordinator suspects “reasonable” cause an immediate test
    can be ordered or have the R.C.M.P. perform the test.

Obligation: – Driver’s will have the obligation to inform the Transportation Coordinator of any
changes in residence, changes in contact information, any problems or situations that may have a negative effect on their duties as a professional driver. Drivers will have the responsibility to inform the Coordinator if they are taking pre-scribed/non-prescribed medication that may affect their driving ability.


Attn: Human Resources
P.O. Box 130 Brocket, Alberta T0K 0H0
Phone: 403.965.3910 / Fax: 403.965.3713
Email: lpard@piikani.ca
All candidates are thanked in advance for their interest; only individuals selected for interviews will be contacted.

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