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Peigan Board of Education Schools will re-open next week


Peigan Board of Education Schools will re-open next week:

Monday, November 23 – Closed/PD Day

Tuesday, Nov 24 to Friday, Nov 27 – Schools Open

Please contact School Principals or Homeroom Teacher for more information.
Contact information can be found at PBOE website: www.piikani.ca

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Peigan Board of Education Public Notice – Covid Closure November 6, 2020

Peigan Board of Education Public Notice – Covid Closure November 6, 2020

Due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the surrounding areas, all departments will shut down immediately until November 13, 2020. Except for the following services:

  • Piikani Public Works
  • Piikani Housing Authority – Emergency contact line
  • Social Development
  • Aakom-Kiyii Health Services
  • Peigan Prevention Counselling Services
  • Piikani Nation administration finance department
  • CY Ranch
  • 106.3 Piikani Nation Radio and Piikani Tsi Nii Ka Sin
  • Piikani Lands Bylaw officer
  • Piikani RCMP
  • Piikani Child and Family Services
  • Piikani Employment Centre training program

All listed services above must follow Aakom-Kiyii Health Services guidelines. These essential service employees are encouraged to work from home when possible. Any staff members in these departments that reside off reserve must work from home. Piikani Nation RCMP will be enforcing a 11pm-6am curfew during these times. After the automatic 7-day shutdown, Chief and Council and Aakom-Kiyii Health Services will reassess the situation.

We want to remind the community that there is no immediate risk on the Piikani Nation, we feel it is in our best interest to take a proactive approach to avoid any potential outbreak. We would like to remind everyone that this is just a temporary shutdown, not a lockdown.

Aakom-Kiyii Health Services will be setting up their drive thru testing through-out the weekend. If adverse weather, they will be moving to the community hall.

We ask that you continue to follow these important guidelines in order to keep everyone safe.

A. Airway – Wear your masks
B. Bubble – Stay within your bubble
C. Contacting Tracing – Keep in mind where you’ve been
D. Social Distancing – Stay 6ft apart.

Thank you,
Piikani Nation Chief and Council.

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This checklist applies for all children, as well as all students who attend kindergarten to Grade 12, including high school students over 18. Children should be screened every day by completing this checklist before going to school, child care or other activities. Children may need a parent or guardian to assist them to complete this screening tool.

View at https://open.alberta.ca/publications/covid-19-information-alberta-health-daily-checklist

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Info Chart for Student Symptons

Information chart for required and/or recommendations to take if a student has symptoms of an illness.

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Peigan Board of Education AGM

Peigan Board of Education AGM

Annual General Meeting: Monday, October 26, 2020, 7 pm – PNSS Gym

Nomination Meeting : Monday, October 26, 2020, 4-7 pm – PNSS Gym

  • Two Board Trustees for 3 year term positions.
  • Two Board Trustees for 1 year term positions.

Please Note: All candidates must attend the AGM and provide the following documentation at the time of nomination:

  • RCMP Clearance Letter
  • Child Welfare Check

Supper will be provided.

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AB Chief Medical Officer letter to parents Sept 03/20

AB Chief Medical Officer letter to parents Sept 03

Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health
10025 Jasper Avenue NW
PO Box 1360, Stn. Main
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2N3

September 3, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians of Alberta students:

With the 2020-21 school year starting up, I wanted to reach out with a few reminders. We’re all going to need some help as we navigate the upcoming weeks and make our children’s school experience as comfortable as possible while we manage our own anxiety about what a school experience in a time of COVID-19 looks like.

Adjusting to living with COVID-19

Let me start by saying I’m a parent too. I know that all of us want the best for our children whether they are going back to a classroom or you’re supporting their learning at home. This pandemic is hard for everyone. Our kids are not going back to the same school environment they left in March. Things will not look or feel the same this year.

For my family, I truly believe that returning our children to in-person classes is part of ensuring their overall health. You may feel differently and your decisions must be made in the best interest of your family. Whatever your choice, your school authority has a program to suit your decision and my team is working to support your school authority.

Public health guidance for schools

We have been working with our partners in Alberta Education and Alberta Health Services (AHS) to develop the guidance for school re-entry. Your children’s schools and their school authorities have plans for putting this health guidance into action. I believe that this is the right next step to getting Alberta’s students back to classes in a way that reduces COVID-19 risks in our schools, but also considers other aspects of their health. My team and I will be closely watching the return to school experience to use this information to adjust our public health advice if needed. I have committed to posting any new orders Monday through Thursday, and will share information when new orders get posted online via social media, and at my regular updates.

If everyone works together to follow the public health guidance, we can help keep one another safe. Please screen your child daily for any symptoms with the list your school has provided. If your child is sick, please keep them home and arrange for them to be tested for COVID-19 through AHS. Appointments can be booked online at www.ahs.ca/covid. Some of you may have heard that it isn’t worth getting tested because it takes too long to get results. AHS is working hard to improve testing turnaround times and result notification, because it is so important to be able to get a test and results as quickly as possible.

Schools have put in place enhanced cleaning and disinfecting, physical distancing plans and cohort plans for students. Your school has developed a plan for implementing these measures within its specific setting. It is important that all members of your school community follow this plan to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Clarification of mask requirement

As a part of the safety measures to reduce COVID-19, mask use for students in grade 4 through 12, and all staff and visitors is provincially required. This applies to all staff in all settings outside of seated classroom instruction where physical distancing of two metres cannot be maintained. Students will be required to wear masks in all shared and common areas, including hallways and on the school bus.

We recognize that wearing a mask all day during instruction may have impacts on communication and learning for children. The mask policy and guidance announced in early August has always stated that masks are not required when children are seated at their desks. Where two meters is not possible between desks or tables, students should be arranged with the greatest distance possible between them, and so they are not facing each other, such as in rows, so they are not likely to cough or sneeze directly on the face of another student. If close contact between students, or students and staff is occurring due to a non-seated activity, non-medical face masks should be used for the duration of the activity.

While the above information on the mask requirement has been part of our guidance for several weeks, it was formally adopted on August 29th through Order 33-2020. This order was finalized and issued over the weekend before schools started with the intent to ensure that school authorities could review the order before it came into effect on August 31st. The order does not change the policy or my advice for guidance in schools. I am sorry for any anxiety or confusion that this order may have caused.

How to help your child prepare

You are critical in supporting your children to manage these changes. I know that it can be hard for children to stay at a distance from friends or to stay in one cohort. It is natural for children of all ages to want to be close to their friends and play together, especially after having been apart for a long time. You can help by talking to your child about the changes they will see in their school, helping them become comfortable with wearing a mask, showing them how to wash their hands and teaching them about the importance of keeping physical distance where possible. It is also important to help our children remember to be compassionate to others who may forget the new rules or are unable to wear a mask. Supporting each other to adjust to the new normal will be our best long-term defence.

Dealing with cases of COVID-19 in schools

Despite all the measures that will be taken in your child’s school, I expect there will still be some cases of COVID-19 in school settings. My team has developed a resource guide to help school communities understand what tools are available when responding to COVID-19 in school settings. That includes what to do when there are symptomatic students or staff in the school, what to expect when a case or outbreak is identified and information to provide to the school community. This COVID-19 School Outbreak Resource Guide can be found online at alberta.ca/ReturnToSchool.

You will be notified if there are any cases of COVID-19 at your child’s school. Our partners at AHS public health will work closely with school administrators to ensure that all close contacts of any COVID-19 case are identified and informed as quickly as possible. You will also be made aware of any additional public health measures being implemented at the school.

Supporting mental health

With the big changes to our children’s lives over the past several months, it is natural that they may be feeling anxious or fearful. If you need any supports for your children or for your own mental health, you can find resources at the AHS website “Help in Tough Times”. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the resources listed there if you need them.


Finally, I want to say thank you for your continued efforts to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Successful re-entry depends on all members of our school community working together to ensure the safety of all those attending school. We are all in this together.

I wish your family a safe return to school.

Yours sincerely,
Deena Hinshaw, BSc, MD, MPH, CCFP, FRCP
Chief Medical Officer of Health
For more information on school re-entry, please visit: alberta.ca/ReturnToSchool

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Registration for 2020/21 School Year

Registration for 2020/21 school year

Peigan Board of Education
Registration for 2020/21 school year

Only new students are required to register at schools:

  • NPES 403-965-3877
  • PNSS 403-965-2121

Students who attended last school year will be pre-registered.

If you intend to continue at home learning, please contact your child’s school as soon as possible.

Please contact:
PBOE Transportation for bus service: 403-965-3910




Peigan Board of Education – August 24, 2020
Update to Parents/Families of Children Attending PBOE Schools and Bussing

Scenario #2 – In-School Classes Partially Resume (With Additional Health Measures)

School Calendar

School Administration Start Date:  August 17-21, 2020

Staff Operational Start Date: Monday, August 24 – 28/August 31 – Sept 4, 2020

(4 days’ orientation/6 days classroom set up)

Student Cohorts: Two cohorts (Cohort A & Cohort B).

One week in-school learning; one week at-home learning. This provides teachers and students with prolonged instructional time and ability to prep students for At-Home Learning packages for the week. This is conducive for following health and safety guidelines for CoVid19 response.

Student Start Date:

Cohort A: Tuesday, September 8 (Monday to Friday/Full week)

Cohort B: Monday, September 14 (Monday to Friday/Full week)

Monday, September 7, 2020Labor Day Holiday– No School

Tuesday, September 8, 2020: Partial re-opening of school

School Bell Schedule – Start Time:  Start time 9.00am (to accommodate bus drop off; students move directly to homeroom; no hallway interaction). See Transportation section below.

School Bell Schedule – End time: End time 3.30pm

To accommodate bus pick up; students will remain in classroom doing homework or advisory until their Bus# and driver name is called then they can move into hallway and outside to bus. This requires that all teachers will know the Bus# and driver name for each student. Designated staff will be in hallway to monitor and assist students.

Wednesday Early Dismissal: Cancelled – Teachers and students encouraged to work towards increasing instructional time.

Friday Early Dismissal: Student dismissal time is 1.10pm for students. Teachers will have all meetings on Fridays.

K4 Classes: Start date Tuesday, September 21 (9am – 1.10pm)

K5 Classes: Start date Tuesday, September 8 (9 am – 3.30pm) Start date will be the same as Grades 1-12. Students will be attending full days and will ride big busses.

Transportation (School Drop off/Pickup)

Bus Drop Off: Busses will drop off students starting at 8.30am Busses will arrive at 5 minute intervals for drop off. Busses will wait in line to drop off students. Designated staff will be outside to monitor and assist students.

Bus Pick Up: Busses will arrive by 3.00pm; one Bus# and driver name will be called at a time for student pick up. Busses will arrive at 5 minute intervals for pick up. Busses will wait in line to pick up students Designated staff will be outside to monitor and assist students.

Back Packs/Bags: In order to limit transmission of virus from school to bus to home, students will not be allowed to bring backpacks or bags onto bus (or into school). Small purses will be allowed.

Student Fit for School Screening (Home)

Parents and families are integral to student re-entry into schools by supporting at-home CoVid19 screening. Prior to school start date, parents will have available to them CoVid19 routine screening questions prior to getting on the bus (see appendix). Screening questions for families will also be available on PBOE webpage and Facebook. This includes symptoms of even a mild cold.

PBOE will remind parents at all possible times, that if their child(ren) have CoVid19 symptoms (this includes symptoms of even a mild cold), to keep them at home and contact the school. PBOE staff will ensure that their child will have at-home learning support for school instruction. This includes symptoms of even a mild cold.

Student Fit for School Screening (School) and Health Protocols for Sick Children

Upon entering school, students will physical distance on markers, have temperature taken, and hand sanitize at entryway.

If routine screening is passed, students will be directed to classroom.

If routine screening is not passed or student is exhibiting any symptoms, the student will be immediately isolated in designated room and parents will be contacted for immediate pick up of child. Parent will be asked to follow AHS guide for CoVid19 testing. Student will not be allowed to return to school until cleared by AHS (alternate for Piikani Nation – Aakommkiiyii Health Services).

If parent is unable to pick up child, school will make transportation arrangements for child to be brought home.

Schools must ensure that records of students with pre-existing conditions are available for review by Principal and Homeroom Teacher.

Entering Classrooms

Students will be directed to their desk to await instruction by Homeroom Teacher.

Students will be instructed on proper handwashing etiquette and personal water bottle cleaning techniques.

Student bins with student materials will be located underneath or near student’s desk (pencils, books, notebooks, etc.). Bins will be labeled with sign:

THIS BELONGS TO: Student Name.


Water bottles will be provided by PBOE for student use at school. Water bottles will be labeled and cleaned on a daily basis.

Instructional Time

Teachers will use majority of instructional time for core classes (language arts, mathematics, social studies, science outcomes). Teachers will research and highlight only essential outcomes in core classes. Alberta Education will recommend grade appropriate guidelines for instruction time.

Teachers will instruct student on safety measures and hygienic practises to ensure that CoVid19 transmission does not occur.

Teachers will focus on the mental health and wellbeing of students when challenged with CoVid19 pandemic responses (i.e. self isolating, absence from school, distancing from family and friends).

Students will not be moving class to class; teachers will move materials and equipment as needed from class to class. Teachers will ensure in-class breaks to accommodate students’ being in one physical space for majority of day.

At-Home Learning (AHL) Request

Parent MUST meet with school staff to register their child(ren) for this option. The requirements for this has changed and requires enhanced parental instruction and return of at-home learning packages for assessment.

Parents who have requested a continuation of at-home learning will be supported through AHL packages. Teachers will develop packages for two weeks of instruction in core subjects. Additional instruction in student mental health and wellbeing will be included. Schools will develop pick up/drop off procedures for AHL packages (including online instruction).

Parents requesting AHL will be required to have their child(ren) remain with this option for the duration of one calendar month. Parents will not be allowed to move child(ren) in/out of programs for health and safety reasons. Parents must request in writing (by text, email, or by letter) as soon as possible to Schools Principals.


Online/streaming for Monday mornings, with Elders, or for celebrations.

Intra-curricular Classes

Blackfoot Language & Culture: Blackfoot classrooms are closed until further notice. Blackfoot instructors will go to classroom with materials and supplies necessary for teaching that class only. New materials and supplies will be needed for each class. No sharing of materials and equipment.

Phys. Ed.: Gym will be closed until further notice; this decision will remain in effect until October 1, 2020. Teachers can bring students outside for phys.ed. classes on a staggered time schedule. No sharing of equipment at this time. In future, students will be required to have their own materials (prepackaged for individual use). Students will be required mask/glove usage if air ventilation requires heightened precautions (i.e. physical exertion).

Library:  Teachers will submit topics/themes to librarian who will collect books for classroom use. Books will be distributed by teachers for individual student use/placed in bins. No sharing of books. Books collected by librarian will be disinfected and set aside for one week; no reuse during this time. There will be no classroom libraries in use until further notice.

Art: Students are required to have their own materials. No sharing materials (i.e. paint brushes, etc).

Music/Drumming: Music (i.e. drumming/singing) will be postponed until October 1, 2020; music appreciation is encouraged.

CTS/CTF: Classes will be cancelled until further notice; this decision will remain in effect until October 1, 2020. In future, students will be required to have their own materials (prepackaged for individual use). Students will be required mask/glove usage if air ventilation requires heightened precautions (i.e. physical exertion, tools requiring movement such as power tools, hammers, saw, etc.)

Work Experience: Will be postponed until October 1, 2020; review of activity will occur on this date.


Teachers will have staggered recess/break times. Physical distancing guidelines apply at all times. Re-entry to school and classrooms requires proper hand sanitizing.


Students will be eating all meals in homerooms. Students will clean desks using proper cleaning products provided by school.

Until further notice, all meals will be individually packaged in paper bags (lunch) or plastic baggies (breakfast) for ease of handling. To discourage use of utensils, there will be not hot meals served. Food cannot be shared; leftover food will be discarded (in order to limit transmission of virus from school to bus to home).

Students are not allowed to pickup or distribute food. Teachers and/or EA’s will be designated this task.

Water bottles should be washed on a daily basis (i.e. end of school day). Students will be allowed to refill water bottles from designated water fountains or faucets (adhering to frequent cleaning guidelines).

Fields Trips

All field trips (extra/intra-curricular) are cancelled until further noticed.

Learning Support

Students Requiring Specialized Support: PBOE Schools will be prepared for participation of students who required specialized supports and services. School Principals and Learning Support Teachers will determine what specialized support will be required prior to school start date and convey the learning plan and supports to parents. Parents are encouraged to meet with School Principals regarding educational services.

Learning Assessment Room: Teachers will submit material needs to designated staff member (i.e. LST) who will gather materials for teacher/student use. No sharing of materials. Materials will be collected by designate and will be disinfected and set aside for one week; no reuse during this time.

Speech Language: SLA will continue with program ensuring that safety guidelines are being adhered to. Students will hand sanitize upon entering/exiting classroom. SL/SLA will use personal protective equipment (mask/face shield) and desk shield when interacting with students.

OT/PT: OTA will continue with program ensuring that safety guidelines are being adhered to including wearing personal protective equipment (mask/face shield and gloves) at all times. Students will hand sanitize upon entering/exiting classroom.

Assessments: Contracted personnel will continue assessments ensuring that safety guidelines are being adhered to including wearing personal protective equipment (mask/face shield and gloves) at all times. Students will hand sanitize upon entering/exiting classroom.

IT Equipment: All IT equipment will be labeled with identifying name and number (i.e. NPES #15; PNSS #33). All IT equipment will be handled by Teacher or EA. If possible, students should be assigned one computer/laptop/tablet for individual use; student will use only the # assigned to them. If individual use is not possible, Teacher must ensure that equipment is properly sanitized at the end of class (or end of day) and stored in bin for future use.

Response to Intervention Meetings: Will occur on Friday after student dismissal (1 hr).

End of Day:

Students will be dismissed from classroom by bus# and driver name following safe exiting directional markers. Designated staff will be outside to monitor and assist students.

DOWNLOAD Scenario #2 August 24, 2020 (pdf)


Date: Monday, August 24, 2020
To: Parents & Guardians of Piikani Nation Students Attending NPES and PNSS
From:  Lisa Crowshoe – Superintendent

Oki! After a very challenging Spring and Summer, PBOE is preparing for students to return to school in a safe and healthy manner. To date, First Nations education has not received additional CoVid19 response funding. As a result, PBOE will use instructional funding for school re-entry planning. It is our priority to ensure enhanced sanitization, disinfecting, and physical distancing measures for children riding busses or entering the classroom. Bus drivers, teachers, support staff, and custodians are all working towards keeping your children safe. As with all CoVid19 pandemic response measures, there is no guarantee that this virus will not affect your child or family – leaving your home at any time results in risk but by being diligent and adhering to safety measures we decrease the risk of contracting the CoVid19 virus. To align with Alberta Health Services recommendations, all PBOE bus drivers, teachers, school staff, and administrative staff will be tested prior to school start up. Student testing prior to return is also recommended.

As of July 22, 2020, PBOE bus drivers, teachers, support staff, and custodians were prepared to return to school with near-normal measures (Scenario #1 Alberta Education). However, circumstances have resulted in PBOE moving towards Scenario #2 for September 2020. Due to delays in shipment of materials/supplies that support student and staff safety, PBOE will move school start dates:

School Administration: August 17, 2020

School Staff: August 24, 2020

NPES K4: September 21, 2020

NPES K5, Gr. 1 – 6: September 8, 2020

PNSS Gr. 7 – 9: September 8, 2020

PNSS Gr. 10-12: September 8, 2020

  • For student registration – please call NPES (403-965-3877) or PNSS (403-965-2121)
  • For bus registration – please call PBOE Transportation (403-965-3910)
  • To register for student at-home learning – please contact School Principals

If your preference is to continue with At-Home Learning (blended on-line and homework packages), please contact your child’s Principal as soon as possible. PBOE bus drivers, teachers, and staff look forward to providing educational services to your child(ren) in the upcoming school year.

DOWNLOAD Letter to Parents-Guardians CoVid19 Response August 24, 2020 (pdf)

CALL FOR STUDENTS – Piikani Nation Post-Secondary Courses

Peigan Board of Education & University of Lethbridge, University of Alberta

Piikani Nation Post-Secondary Courses

Primary purpose for offering these courses is to provide Piikani Nation members with the opportunity for direct entry into a Post-Secondary Program.

The following courses will be offered for the 2020 – 2021 Academic year:

  1. University of Lethbridge
    a. Fall 2020 – Blackfoot 1000
    b. Winter 2021 – Blackfoot 2000
  2. University of Alberta – Canadian Indigenous Languages & Literacy Development Institute (CILLDI)
    a. Fall 2020 – 2 courses (TBD)
    b. Winter 2021 – 2 courses (TBD)
    c. Spring 2021 – 2 courses (TBD)
  • Transferrable to most public Post-Secondary Institutions within Canada and internationally.
  • Take one, two, or all three classes; 3 courses equivalent to full time status
  • Funding available for eligible applicants


  • High School Diploma with 60% English 30, 50% Math 20
  • Mature status (Pre requirement of Post-Secondary Institute)
  • In good standing with Peigan Board of Education
  • Piikani Band Members


  • Anticipated start date: September 9, 2020
  • Classes will be delivered on-line as per scheduled time table Monday – Friday, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Application process:

  • PBOE Funding Application Forms
  • University of Lethbridge and/or University of Alberta Application Forms
  • PBOE Nonrefundable $40.00 Application Fee
  • Most recent academic transcripts
  • Must attend PBOE Fundamentals of English Language and Grammar Workshops

Call Date

To deliver the above courses on reserve, we require at least 15 committed applicants who meet pre-requisites
The call date, as follows, is set to help us determine interest.

Friday August 21, 2020

If you are interested in the above project please leave your name and contact number at PBOE:
Telephone 403- 965- 3910 Toll free 1- 877- 965-3910 Email: postsecondary@piikani.ca

Download (pdf format)